Elementary introduction to the learning method of motorcycle electric spray repair

2018-02-05 170
With the motorcycle electric spray skill spread all over, the motorcycle EFI common sense transmission and the repair skill raise, also gradually enters the motorcycle practitioner's work schedule. Recently, a lot of motorcycle colleagues who are engaged in motorcycle repair and sale have sent help information and how to learn motorcycle electric spray repair. What is more, in some Meiqimingyue training class, and have not learned; expert, funded a lot of repair equipment, home is still encountered problems cleaning off; some people think learned some, waiting for the right time to buy a repair diagnosis instrument, EFI car came to display skills to the full all kinds of scene.
All in all, motorcycle electric spray repair is something like a motorcycle repair that we haven't touched before. It's like asking whether he has the same question as chicken or egg. Do they not know that it is the first to learn theory? Is it still a study practice first? Is it the first to learn the basic knowledge of the motorcycle circuit? Is it still a direct way to learn? Questions, and even different people have different statements, each hold one word, each has its own truth. Do not say that we do not touch motorcycle electric spray repair, we are some repair teachers, you ask him these questions, it is also: "many years of the road to become a river for many years, daughter-in-law wife," during which bitter, sour, sweet, five kinds of miscellaneous, they also do not understand. Just confused here.
In any case, the question is to be dealt with, and the study has to be studied. And for many, as meditation learning. It is still the old saying of our country: "the top floor of a tall building is on the ground, and the primary foundation is to be hit well". We also own hard, no basis, nothing can be said. Confucius said: "the right medicine." It depends on what you are. It is "talent", "timber" and "wealth". It doesn't know whether it is raining or not.
Next, I said different people's different ways of learning:
1, 80s and post-90s young repairmen read quite a lot. Campus knowledge is good, network information is thriving, and even motorcycle repair is not very long. It's best to start with common sense. In the spare time of daily homework, we can understand the structure and principle of motorcycle EFI theoretically and through the Internet and related books. The theory on the touch, electricaloriginal can not see the operation process are installed in a brain, do have, in many cases, without the use of repair diagnosis equipment, some common problems, can analyze it theoretically.
If the general knowledge is systematized, we can borrow the oscilloscope and other things. This kind of equipment is designed to assist the technical school student system to grasp the operation principle of the EFI system. In particular, the detection and connection of various sensors can simply transfer the circuit signals of the electric spray system, and the reaction and other perspectives are very clear.
Some people say the use of oscilloscopes to repair the car, the old type of electric spray car can, the new type will not be repaired. There are some teachers in order to protect their own face, the new car repair is not good, the new equipment will not be used, in order to find the words. We know how to do it. It's not necessary to put it on. People who don't know should not be blindly worshiped. The director should have a self - thought, not to hear the rabbit cry and not grow crops. The new motorcycle electronic injection inspection equipment, only one interface can be used to check the electrical faults of the whole vehicle electric spray system. What time the vehicle shell, so multi sensor joint cohesion! Don't bother! The oscilloscope, as the learning tool for the students of the technical school, is indeed beneficial to the students to learn these general electrical common sense.
After 2,60, 70 after the teacher Fu. The motorcycle repairman of this age is relatively less reading, slow to understand general things, less touch network, and more experience in operation. That is the direct way. The principle of what work, a look at the headache. A fool's diagnosis instrument. In the original car, we can find the electric spray fault, confirm the socket, connect the data line, turn the diagnostic instrument open, find the corresponding vehicle type, enter the electronic spray system, confirm the interface, read out the trouble code. The fault code can be found, repaired and eliminated. Finish the job.
It is so simple to say that it is too difficult to perform. Why? These people have money in their hands, although they are not big money, but they have the ability to make money. Every motorcycle manufacturer favors the fat of the mall. We will start to frighten them. "We must repair our car with our original diagnostic device, and repair it by others, not buying our diagnostic instrument, and it will not give three packages if it breaks down." That's where it is! Your car salesman, with three packages, has something to do with it. In other words, you won't be able to use this diagnostic instrument, or do you have to make a profit for a profit! Do you say so, do people dare to enter your car?
Originally, words can not be said. Is the motorcycle manufacturer's electric spray developed by themselves? No, they are also purchased by the supporting manufacturers. So, does the matching manufacturer sell him a manufacturer?  Monogamy is off the track. Who believes in business? Who is very careful who loses.  Many motorcycle repairmen, they love to eat this loss, this is, this is their usual busy work at home, not good at going out to study the cause. He did not know, go out to learn new knowledge, can change a way, changes a destiny, this is a typical example of the company. It is a truth that there are many manufacturers of motorcycle electric spray.
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