How to maintain the home lock hardware and the progressive lock safety grade

2018-02-05 246
How to maintain the home lock hardware and the progressive lock safety grade
In our daily life, the lock is closely related to our life, and the safety problem is not to be ignored. How to maintain the lock exactly?
1, open the door, holding the best handle and the lock tongue into the lock, closed the door and then let go, don't bang the door, otherwise it will reduce the service life.
2, do not use wet cloth to wipe the lock and handle, because some metallic lock will be rusty lock alloy material will be coating wear off, losing the aesthetic effect.
3, the lubricants are often kept in the transmission parts of the lock, so as to maintain their smooth and service life. It is recommended for six months or a year to check it once to see whether the screws are loosened to ensure tightness.
4. During the use of the lock, when the key is not smooth, the small Xu Shi ink powder or pencil powder can be applied in the lock core slot to ensure smooth and smooth extraction. But do not add other oil lubrication to avoid grease sticking the bullet tube, leading to the lock can not roll but not open.
How do we improve our safety awareness and the safety level of the lock when you encounter the theft of the community at ordinary times?
1, a class lock is best replaced, B class lock Department prevent open, super B lock relatively safe, intelligent lock is very safe at present.
2, the intelligent lock is seldom used, and it is recommended to use the electronic screen, which is easy to be cracked because of the key type.
3, mechanical lock core more than B class lock core, due to the lock in the room, the lock provided by the project is not very good, the quality of the lock is difficult to rest assured.
4, often check whether the lock is open, if the lock is not smooth, the lock should be adjusted and replaced in time.
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